Currently Diggin Syfy’s New Face Off Series

This show is pretty addicting for a person like myself who loves movies and special effects. These people are so talented with knowledge of everything from make-up, special effects, to materials, sculpting, illustrations, 3D modeling and more! I’ve got to hand it to these guys.

Check out this past week’s transformation video: Click Here

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The Biggest Cruise Sale of the Year!

The BIGGEST Cruise Sale of the Year is going on now at www.Af... on Twitpic

Check out the World’s Largest Cruise Night on

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I Miss the ’90s Don’t You?

As a child of the ’80s, I remember growing up with the best music on the radio. But the best t.v. shows and sitcoms have definitely come from no other decade than… dun dun dun…. the smooth and chillin 1990’s. A cool, sweet time when the focus of t.v. was about the camaraderie of the characters, and not how many times they can score with each others’ boyfriends, girlfriends or even husbands or wives…yikes! I guess that’s what’s become of society these days, or else what’s considered highly-rated t.v.

Some of the best TV shows of the 1990s

Saved by the Bell

California Dreams

Full House

Family Matters

Fresh Prince of Bellaire


Beverly Hills 90210

Some of the greatest cartoon series to ever come from The Great 1990s

Pirates of Dark Water

X-Men cartoon series

Batman The Animated Series

Tale Spin

Duck Tales

Gummi Bears

Tiny Toon Adventures


It’s just too bad the next generations on won’t be exposed to any of these… If you have any you’d like to share, please leave a comment!

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divinegoddessmug from

divinegoddessmug from

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fashiongirl shirts from

fashiongirl shirts from

Graphic Fashion Tee designed by Graphic Lfnt Inc.

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Shoe Fetish Tee Shirts from

Shoe Fetish Tee Shirts from

Shoe Fettish Tee designed by Graphic Lfnt Inc.

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New Rocker Chic Illustration

For fun, i made it into a wallpaper for a 27 inch Mac desktop. Enjoy!

Rocker Chic Illustration Wallpaper | Just click and save to desktop

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Recent Website Designed and Developed by Graphic Lfnt Inc. Featured on CSS Based

Yay! My company’s latest web design and development for Posh Mags just made it into CSS Based’s Web Design Gallery.
Check it out Here:
CSS based Screenshot

Or Here:

We love it whenever we get the honor to be featured on galleries as great as CSS Based. We hope to be featured in other great galleries in the future… =)

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Top 10 Cartoon Opening Titles

Top 10 Cartoon Opening Titles

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Senior Home Care Website for Encore Caregivers

New Website designed by Graphic Lfnt Inc. for Houston Texas Senior Home Care providers Encore Caregivers. Providing Houstonians quality Senior Care at Home “Wherever Home May Be”

Check out the live site:


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New Website Lauched by Our Company Graphic Lfnt Inc.

Check out this Model’s personal website designed by us at Graphic Lfnt Inc! It’s smokin hot!


Check out her website

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Graphic Lfnt has a facebook page! Holla!

Click here: Graphic lfnt
Graphic lfnt
Promote Your Page Too

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Away We Go Widget

[clearspring_widget title=”Away We Go Widget” wid=”49ee5ef3e99fe53f” pid=”4a47d4fcfc60c277″ width=”470″ height=”353″ domain=””]

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Goodbye to a Legendary World Icon

Rip Michael…

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Houston Hip Hop DJ’s Put Their Heart and Soul Online with their Brand New Website


If any of you are familiar with The KrackerNuttz from Houston, Texas, you know they are synonymous with hype parties, after-dark specials, and craziness in the club scene. But what makes the atmosphere what it is when they’re around is their incredible music mixes! These truly gifted DJs have the in on brand new hip hop, pop, reggea, dance, old school, and more to blast phenomenal mixes for the Houston clubs. And not only for the clubs, but for 97.9 The Box, the only Hip Hop station in Houston worth listening to!  Yes, these talented DJs have graced us with their mixes in the air waves on their shows every night from 7pm – midnight and on Saturdays from 6pm – 9pm. But what people love to tune into is The Saturday Night Specials running all the way to Sunday from 1am -4am. Seriously, these guys are always on the move making brand new mixes for everyone’s listening pleasure!

And they’ve put it all online. Their brand new website launched Feb. 21st 2009 is fully packed with brand new hip hop mixes, videos with guest celebs, info and photos of these crazy KrackerNuttz, and the Event list you don’t want to miss! They always have something going on for the Houston club scene and an action packed nightlife.

Just to give you a lil taste…DJ KleanCutt in the Mix

Did i forget to tell you that you can download all of their mixes for free? Yep get it while you can! These mixes are hot and they can run anywhere from 10 mins to hours long! So if you know the fabulous mixes by DJ Baby Jae, DJ KleanCutt, DJ Cipher, DJ Akshun Kid, DJ Kosuri, DJ ElRoy Boogie, and the rest of these Nuttz, you know you’ll want to grab as much as you can. Seriously, playing their mixes on rotation can mean the difference between throwing a crazy/fun and entertaining social at your crib, or just a ho hum, so-so get-together.

So check it out! Leave them a message or comments, they love hearing from new people! Their brand new website is updated regularly, so brand new mixes always get added!


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All Things Weird and Wonderful

One of my all time favorite on-line destinations is the one of “All Things Weird and Wonderful” by Dark Roasted Blend. Here, you can find beautiful art in all sorts of places and on all sorts of things. Weird gadgetries, clever povs, insightful and (let’s face it) crazy advertisements, and in whole, this montage of eclectic photos and scenarios–truly weird and wonderful things.

Some of the weird, wonderful things you can see on their latest posts:

Their post titled “Painted Castles: Graffiti to the Max

Painted Castles

Painted Castles

Painted Chimney

Painted Chimney

One of the craziest Ad photos, but I absolutely love it:

Add for a Lubricant...LOL

Add for a Lubricant...LOL

And a post on some very cute and intricate Robot Art

Robot Art

Robot Art

And these are only some of the very wonderful things found on this blog. Check them out! You’ll be going to their blog daily, since it’s updated daily!

Dark and Roasted Blend

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ABDC Season 3 Brings Strong Femme Action

It’s about time we see some really strong female groups this season! I know I’ve been all about SoReal Cru from last season. And I still love them now! (You’re my cru!)

But, as for this season’s America’s Best Dance Crew, I’m so glad to see an all girl group that stays true to themselves and represents strong females and strong spirit everywhere. B-girls doing head spins, amazing choreo, and still embodies sexiness?? I mean…..WOW!

Check out these lovely ladies of Beat Freaks, and you’ll see what I mean!

Beat Freaks Week 3

Beat Freaks Week 4

These girls are HOT, and they don’t go around showing off skin to prove it! Keep on reppin ladies…Good luck this season!

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On Getting Older and Still Kicking with Entrepreneurial Spirit

At this turning point of my life, being only 26 years of age, I find myself thinking “Great. Now what?” I had left a great company I had worked with for a year, not because I wasn’t doing well, but because I craved more. I even went on more interviews, learning about other great companies and sizing them up to see if i would be a great fit for them… or the other way around rather… (I’m very picky about where I settle down). I believe that parking at a full time job is like settling down into a marriage. You have to really enjoy the company and love being with them despite any flaws or imperfections. And if you don’t, well you’ll probably be extremely unhappy, and would try to find a way out, one way or another.

So what did I do then you ask? I did a little twiddling of my thumbs and some hard core deep thinking about what my options were and what would really make me happy. Here’s what I found out.

1) What would probably make me happy is most definitely the hardest path to take.
2) It may be close to being impossible to succeed in.
3) I would be the happiest of all people if it were to sustain itself.

What it was was simple. Work for myself and be my own boss. But how can I? Do I have enough experience? Do I know enough about the industry, multi-faceted industry, to become successful? All of these thoughts did cross my mind, and all I did for about 3 weeks during the Hurricane Ike incident here in Houston, was think and type. I created my business plan, so far about 30 detailed pages of the ins and outs, the goals, the market research, and any other things I had been thinking about in order to take a better look at the company I wanted to begin.

Also, I spoke with a number of people who have started their own business and got some first hand responses about what to do, what to watch out for, what’s the best way to sustain it, and so forth. So, that gave me more motivation to really just dig in and begin.

So far, it’s been challenging, but I find myself really liking it. I’m still very nervous about it and I still have those lingering “What ifs” in my head at times, but what keeps me going are my hopes and dreams about the success of this venture. And it also helps to know that I am not alone. There are many that I can turn to for advice and assistance. Also, I’ve found that there are so many people out there who are young entrepreneurs going through these same situations as me! I’ve even read an article from that covers an interview with a young entrepreneur who was only 14 years old! (And I thought I was young! HA!)

So all you young entrepreneurs out there, Kudos to you and best wishes to us all! We can make it, I know it! Soon, we’ll look back in retrospect, sigh, and just smile.

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Amazing enough for me to post just this link so I can save it forever…(or as long as it will let me)

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New Illustrations for Graphic Lfnt Inc.

Take a gander at these illustrations by yours truly! Illustrated and designed for Graphic Lfnt Inc. All illustrations are © 2009-2010 by Graphic Lfnt Inc. Please respect the copyright. Thank you!

Vixen by Andromeda Mendoza, created for Graphic Lfnt Inc.

Moon Lighting by Andromeda Mendoza, created for Graphic Lfnt Inc.

Love Bird by Andromeda Mendoza, created for Graphic Lfnt Inc.

Beauty in Paris by Andromeda Mendoza, created for Graphic Lfnt Inc.

Which illustration do you like best? Comments are welcome! You can also find these illustrations on products at their Zazzle store!*

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Beauty Keychain from

Beauty Keychain from New design by Graphic Lfnt…Check it out!

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