All Things Weird and Wonderful

One of my all time favorite on-line destinations is the one of “All Things Weird and Wonderful” by Dark Roasted Blend. Here, you can find beautiful art in all sorts of places and on all sorts of things. Weird gadgetries, clever povs, insightful and (let’s face it) crazy advertisements, and in whole, this montage of eclectic photos and scenarios–truly weird and wonderful things.

Some of the weird, wonderful things you can see on their latest posts:

Their post titled “Painted Castles: Graffiti to the Max

Painted Castles

Painted Castles

Painted Chimney

Painted Chimney

One of the craziest Ad photos, but I absolutely love it:

Add for a Lubricant...LOL

Add for a Lubricant...LOL

And a post on some very cute and intricate Robot Art

Robot Art

Robot Art

And these are only some of the very wonderful things found on this blog. Check them out! You’ll be going to their blog daily, since it’s updated daily!

Dark and Roasted Blend

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Just a quick brief about me and my interests.. I love all things conceptual design and photography. I love movies, comics and cartoons, and
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3 Responses to All Things Weird and Wonderful

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  2. laurabarbosa says:

    Very cool and interesting art post. I reblogged it on my HEART OF ART BLOG. Thanks :0))

  3. leelee says:

    “Dark Roasted Blend,” what a clever name for a site. This is creativity at the max point. I went to the site and I saw the most amazing art created by the most amazing people. This is talent that is fresh and uncompromising. I have to admit that I had a hard enough time trying to paint my own house in Dark cream and Midnight blue trim. My husband used a paint sprayer to save time while I manned the brush brigade. I can’t imagine the patience and stamina needed to create the art house which was a brilliant canvas of art on an actual turreted home. The detail of the man chimney was amazing art . I wonder what the neighbors think of this rainbow wrapped masterpiece. You have to have a lot of spare time and energy to complete this much art. Dark Roasted Blend I applaud you for a site well done. Laura thanks for the great heads up on your site.

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