Houston Hip Hop DJ’s Put Their Heart and Soul Online with their Brand New Website


If any of you are familiar with The KrackerNuttz from Houston, Texas, you know they are synonymous with hype parties, after-dark specials, and craziness in the club scene. But what makes the atmosphere what it is when they’re around is their incredible music mixes! These truly gifted DJs have the in on brand new hip hop, pop, reggea, dance, old school, and more to blast phenomenal mixes for the Houston clubs. And not only for the clubs, but for 97.9 The Box, the only Hip Hop station in Houston worth listening to!  Yes, these talented DJs have graced us with their mixes in the air waves on their shows every night from 7pm – midnight and on Saturdays from 6pm – 9pm. But what people love to tune into is The Saturday Night Specials running all the way to Sunday from 1am -4am. Seriously, these guys are always on the move making brand new mixes for everyone’s listening pleasure!

And they’ve put it all online. Their brand new website launched Feb. 21st 2009 is fully packed with brand new hip hop mixes, videos with guest celebs, info and photos of these crazy KrackerNuttz, and the Event list you don’t want to miss! They always have something going on for the Houston club scene and an action packed nightlife.

Just to give you a lil taste…DJ KleanCutt in the Mix

Did i forget to tell you that you can download all of their mixes for free? Yep get it while you can! These mixes are hot and they can run anywhere from 10 mins to hours long! So if you know the fabulous mixes by DJ Baby Jae, DJ KleanCutt, DJ Cipher, DJ Akshun Kid, DJ Kosuri, DJ ElRoy Boogie, and the rest of these Nuttz, you know you’ll want to grab as much as you can. Seriously, playing their mixes on rotation can mean the difference between throwing a crazy/fun and entertaining social at your crib, or just a ho hum, so-so get-together.

So check it out! Leave them a message or comments, they love hearing from new people! Their brand new website is updated regularly, so brand new mixes always get added!


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3 Responses to Houston Hip Hop DJ’s Put Their Heart and Soul Online with their Brand New Website

  1. True true on that. Gets me thinking about my fave rapper Mickey Factz who has got his raps is crackin!

  2. Twyla Manoni says:

    I was trying to get the feed for the RSS for this website but it is not showing up in Google Chrome. Does anyone have any suggestions?

  3. oklin says:

    yea great blog! a lot of usefull infos thanks and keep up the good work!! PS: check my blog

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