I Miss the ’90s Don’t You?

As a child of the ’80s, I remember growing up with the best music on the radio. But the best t.v. shows and sitcoms have definitely come from no other decade than… dun dun dun…. the smooth and chillin 1990’s. A cool, sweet time when the focus of t.v. was about the camaraderie of the characters, and not how many times they can score with each others’ boyfriends, girlfriends or even husbands or wives…yikes! I guess that’s what’s become of society these days, or else what’s considered highly-rated t.v.

Some of the best TV shows of the 1990s

Saved by the Bell

California Dreams

Full House

Family Matters

Fresh Prince of Bellaire


Beverly Hills 90210

Some of the greatest cartoon series to ever come from The Great 1990s

Pirates of Dark Water

X-Men cartoon series

Batman The Animated Series

Tale Spin

Duck Tales

Gummi Bears

Tiny Toon Adventures


It’s just too bad the next generations on won’t be exposed to any of these… If you have any you’d like to share, please leave a comment!

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Just a quick brief about me and my interests.. I love all things conceptual design and photography. I love movies, comics and cartoons, and
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