Tidbits about reasons why…

My interest for this Blog was to write, speak, and play with concepts, ideas, and themes of my past; to share with people the joys my childhood had to offer. I always seem to come back to these things when I’m feeling blue, upset, or just needing a break from the fast lane the everyday world brings about.

As I started this blog, it seemed like a place where I can store some of the things I loved about my past childhood…as I continue to post to this blog, I find that I’m having a blast finding information or running into information that’s inspired from my childhood but very much new and appreciated in the here-and-now. I’m wondering what this blog would look like in the days ahead….

2 Responses to Tidbits about reasons why…

  1. George says:


  2. katya says:

    Totally cool lady — it’s always refreshing to go back to what made us happy when we were small, innocent and fresh.

    Maybe that’s why I’m still obsessed with anime and smiley face pancakes? 🙂

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