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Just a quick brief about me and my interests.. I love all things conceptual design and photography. I love movies, comics and cartoons, and

Amazing Amazing enough for me to post just this link so I can save it forever…(or as long as it will let me)

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Currently Diggin Syfy’s New Face Off Series

This show is pretty addicting for a person like myself who loves movies and special effects. These people are so talented with knowledge of everything from make-up, special effects, to materials, sculpting, illustrations, 3D modeling and more! I’ve got to … Continue reading

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The Biggest Cruise Sale of the Year!

Check out the World’s Largest Cruise Night on

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I Miss the ’90s Don’t You?

As a child of the ’80s, I remember growing up with the best music on the radio. But the best t.v. shows and sitcoms have definitely come from no other decade than… dun dun dun…. the smooth and chillin 1990’s. … Continue reading

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divinegoddessmug from

divinegoddessmug from

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fashiongirl shirts from

fashiongirl shirts from

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Shoe Fetish Tee Shirts from

Shoe Fetish Tee Shirts from

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New Rocker Chic Illustration

For fun, i made it into a wallpaper for a 27 inch Mac desktop. Enjoy!

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New Illustrations for Graphic Lfnt Inc.

Take a gander at these illustrations by yours truly! Illustrated and designed for Graphic Lfnt Inc. All illustrations are © 2009-2010 by Graphic Lfnt Inc. Please respect the copyright. Thank you! Vixen by Andromeda Mendoza, created for Graphic Lfnt Inc. … Continue reading

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Beauty Keychain from

Beauty Keychain from New design by Graphic Lfnt…Check it out!

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